Friday, February 7, 2014

Cemetery Statues of Hope

Just as there are statues of grief in the cemetery, there are also statues of faith, courage and hope. The dictionary defines hope as something you “expect or look forward to with confidence and trust.”
Hope is the desire for a positive outcome from a circumstance or situation, including death. Hope can be expressed in many ways in the cemetery including:

Anchor on Stone
A rose left on a grave.

An anchor symbolizing hope for seafarers and Christians.

Dove in Flight
A dove is a symbol of hope, just as all birds in flight.

And here are more symbols of hope found in the cemetery.

Just as angels can be symbols of mourning, they can also be the bearers of hope, celebrating the passing of a soul and assisting it on to heaven.

Angels Dancing:

Angels Assisting a Soul:

Children can also signify hope in the cemetery. Here one child dances at the release death has provided – as two children gaze at a butterfly, a symbol of purity and the transformation of the soul.

Birds in Flight:
A bird taking off or in flight symbolized the release of the soul and it’s flight to the afterlife and rebirth.

Open Gates:
Gates are usually open to signify the soul entering heaven, or as a portal to the afterlife.

Just as women are the mourners for humankind, they are also the ones who rejoice and express jubilation for the passing of a soul, especially if death is seen as a release, and a celebration. Women may be found dancing, running, looking foreward, or standing at the cross – all are poised in a moment of remembrance, and freedom.  


Signs of hope abound in the cemetery, if you only take the time to look...

~ Joy


  1. Seen lots like that in our churchyards

    1. In the midwest, we seem to have more leaning toward the mourning side. I love finding those that appear happy.

  2. I also love wandering cemeteries. So very interesting.

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