Friday, October 20, 2017

A Haunted Hoosier Cemetery - Oak Grove

Oak Grove Cemetery
On a wind-swept hill in broad daylight, the sounds of children laughing could be heard. But in the middle of this 23-acre cemetery, there are no children to be seen. Welcome to Oak Grove Cemetery in Washington, Indiana.

Arthur Greenwood
Oak Grove was once the burial place of the movers and shaker of the community. Congressman Arthur Herbert Greenwood served as Indiana’s representative for the 2nd District from 1923-1933, and represented Indiana’s 7th District from 1933-1939 in the US Congress. He was also House Majority Whip during the 73rd Congress. Greenwood began his foray into politics in Washington Indiana when he served as a member of the Board of Education in Daviess County from 1911-1915. He died in 1963 in Maryland and was buried in Oak Grove.

William Bynum
Another US Representative from Indiana buried here is William Dallas Bynum who served as Washington Indiana’s first City Clerk. Bynum was also City Attorney and Mayor. He was a member of the Indiana House of Representatives from 1881 – 1885, and was elected to the 49th and four succeeding Congresses, serving from 1885- 1895 during which time he was House Minority Whip. Bynum died in 1927.

A stone is hidden by growth
Oak Grove Cemetery began to fall into disrepair at the beginning of the 21st century. With no perpetual care money left to maintain the cemetery, the grass and weeds were left to grow in the older sections. These are the sections where unrest has been felt – and experienced.

Then they were gone
I have visited this cemetery three times in the past few years with different people. Each time we’ve come away with otherworldly stories to tell. My first time there I discovered a large black dog roams the cemetery. I heard a large dog running up behind me with the tags rattling on his collar but when I turned, there was nothing there. When I looked over at the woods that borders the property, a man, dressed in black, stood there with his black dog. They looked at me for a moment, took one step back and they were gone.

An encounter was experienced down this lane
A friend who had never had any paranormal experiences was given quite a scare when we decided to roam the grounds to photograph graves. Meeting up later, we discussed the condition of the cemetery. At that time, it was privately owned and was not being properly taken care of. The grass in the older section where we stood was knee high. After chatting a few minutes, we each headed out in different directions. Half an hour later she came rushing over the hill. Tossing her camera into the car she asked if I had slipped up behind her and called her name in an attempt to scare her. But I and our other cemetery buddy had already packed it up and were sitting in the car talking. The fact that the spirit had mimicked my voice frightened her the most. When we drove to the location where the incident occurred, there was nothing: no sounds, no odd feelings, no one we could see.

The boy who watches
There is a lifelike statue of a small boy who died in the 1800s. He sits on his stool as if unsure what to do, but his eyes seem to follow you around the cemetery. The truly weird part is when you approach the stone - the eyes appear to go flat and are covered in lichens.

I have also encountered a portal of some sort in the middle of the cemetery, which opened with an odd sound and a quick blast of air, and closed the same way – similar to an elevator. Voices can be heard talking, but the words are undistinguishable.

An untended area of the cemetery
Apparently, some “residents” are not pleased that their burial sites have been ignored. The cemetery had not been adequately cared for in over half a dozen years, and since it was privately owned, little could be done about it. But earlier this year a group called the Oak Grove Caretakers took over the cemetery promising better maintenance and upkeep for the more than 12,000 graves.

Where children play
Several people have heard the children playing high on the hill. Their laughter floats through the air as they go about their ethereal play. Let’s hope the remainder of the spirits will be appeased once their graves are giving the care and respect that is deserved.

~ Joy

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  2. Oakgrove Cemetery in Washington Indiana May Hold a Secrete. I've heard rumors of a story that would leave a place at unrest and very angry. Three spots, one in the Cemetery, but all connected. Drive down Oakgrove Cemetery Very Slowly at Night toward the Cemetery. Send private message to me by text for more 3096206071

  3. Did you know there is actually a magnetic point in the middle of does cemetery where there's actually a horse that drop dead because of it is one of many ancient facts of oak Grove cemetery

  4. Back when I was in high school,35 years ago.. me and friends would cruise the old houses and cemeteries. Honest to goodness, as we were deiving by oak grove cemetery, his car battery completely drained..the car stalled. Im not lying. I'm now 54 and have never forgotten it. That cemetery was creepy and had a bad vibe.

  5. Replies
    1. did you go? and if so what time and did you experianace any;thing?

  6. We just came from there and nothing happened strange at all

  7. Folks, please RESPECT those laid to rest on those grounds. And PLEASE also respect those who have seen or heard or felt things on that property. Here's why. I have been a trained paranormalist for about 15 years. I have had an ability to attract these entities (spirits) for longer. But I decided to get formally trained by full-time pros who travel the country in groups and who meet up and team yp to do AMAZING WORK. Much more in depth work than what you see on TV and in the movies etc. However, for me personally, I prefer not to use any fancy equipment when I visit old historic places that are likely to be haunted .Reason being, I have NO PROBLEMS ATTRACTING THEM. If I focus on it and have an intent to see or hear or photograph things....THEY COME. And they come LOUD, AND BLATANT!
    I can't elaborate here (not enough room), but suffice to say some people have serious gifts and don't even have to try AT ALL to make contact or to engage with entities. Others need tons of equipment and gadgets to document their visits. That's fine too. I'm all for that and for education folks and exploring the unknown. A word of caution though, these spirits can tell what your intentions are (good or bad) and can act differently to different people based on what you take into the place mentally etc. In a word, they can read your soul and guage your motives and intent . Thrill seekers vs. those who generally care and respect them and their presence. So please treat them as real people, because they once we're, and STILL ARE only in a different form now. Please don't anger them by trounsing through or joking around and NOT making a serious effort to interact or listen and learn what they are trying to convey to you. Remember this, God is ALSO watching you when you visit these places. And one day YOU YOURSELF may be buried among them. So actually as if you are visiting a future residence for YOURSELF and that should keep you grounded and on good terms with the locals who reside there permanently now. ;) Common sense. Imagine yourself being THEM, and how YOU would feel if you were stuck there for whatever reason as a ghost and wanted so desperately to be seen or heard or talked to, but a you got was some punk kids smoking pot or having sex ordoing whatever with Ouija boards etc. In there. Not cool. Serious paranormal investigators will echo my thoughts and advice and hopefully chime in here to give future serious investigators and amateur enthusiasts some further advice on cemetary etiquette etc. Thanks y'all. Godbless and happy 'hunting' (visiting). Be sure and ALWAYS SAY A FEW PRAYERS and pay your RESOECTS to these sacred resting places. The spirits residing there and watching over the grounds will appreciate you forit. Trust me when I say this. It MATTERS! Ignore my advice at your own risk .

  8. I live a couple blocks from this cemetary and I've been there late at night many many times. Usually when I go it's to seek peace during a depressed emotional state. I have seen and heard things on numerous occasions but this is the 1st I'm hearing about it actually being "haunted". I haven't even shared my experiences before now. The last occurrence was a couple weeks ago when I drove through the cemetary very late looking for my brother in law. As I slowly drove up the hill with my windows down I heard a loud whisper call my name. I swore it was my brother in law but obviously it was not! I've went there after many fights with an abusive bf, the night my father passed away, going for a simple jog or walking the dog and I've even smoked pot back there before... when I go seeking peace I always have a heavy calm that blankets me. That's why I always return...